Michelle Sodaro, author

Current Publications


Whatever You Make of It (2011)

Johnathon begins reading a book and makes all of his comments out loud...to his surprise, the characters can not only hear him, they can can also respond back. 

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Arianna's Honor (2012)

Arianna Collins has lived a simple life, raising her three brothers the best she can. She is called upon to protect the life of a spoiled prince. 

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Arianna's Destiny (2013)

Arianna is called upon again to defend the prince from an impending war and her sword and stamina are put to the test.

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Broken Trust (2015)

Ben has always loved the complex and clean lines of a blueprint and his architectural dream is to open a home for runaways. When he meets an artist, he has to decide if his life is big enough for two dreams. 

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Redeeming Trust (2016)

Ben's sister, Ali, is determined that a love like the one which united her brother and best friend, is not going to work in her life, no matter how amazing Lieutenant Vincent Michaels is or how good his biceps look. 

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First Down (2016)

First book in the Lucky Charms series has Josh Matthews, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs finding his lucky charms in single mother, Dillon Winters and her daughter, Lilly

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